Neil Perez – Mister International 2014/15

Mariano Flormata Jr. a.k.a. Neil Perez

PHILIPPINES – The Philippines may have missed capturing the coveted crown in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant but the country scored big in the Mister International 2014/15 held February 14 in Ansan City, South Korea. Police Officer 2 Mariano Flormata Jr. a.k.a. Neil Perez is the new Mister International winning the sought-after title among other contestants from 28 countries that competed in the male pageant that’s now in its ninth year.

Neil Perez joined Misters of the Philippines 2014 where he won the title of Mister International Philippines in September 2014. Upon winning, he became a very popular figure in the Philippines with his fans referring to him as the “Hunk Cop” and “Poging Pulis [handsome police].” But his admirers rooted for him not only due to his good looks but also because of his career with the Philippine National Police (PNP) as a bomb and explosives technician with the PNP Aviation Security Group. The PNP leadership has supported his participation in the male pageant. He had to take a leave of absence from the force while he was preparing for the international competition.