Tougher immigration

rules for dependants

Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

OTTAWA – New rules go into effect on August 1, 2014 that will narrow the definition of who can immigrate to Canada as a “dependent child.” The Harper government recently announced the changes reducing the eligible age from the current cut-off of 21 years down 18 years and younger.

The exception for full-time students is also being removed. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), children of applicants who are 19 years or older but are financially dependent on their parents and are enrolled in full-time studies will no longer be eligible to be processed as dependent children. However, children who depend on their parents for financial support because of a mental or physical condition will still be considered dependants, regardless of age.

Julienne Reyes,

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival Queen 2014


L-r: Maria Nelissa Lastimosa, 1st Runner Up; Julienne Reyes, Manitoba Filipino Street Festival Queen 2014 and; Rochelle Ann Ilagan Cabaguio, 2nd Runner Up. Photos by JP Sumbillo