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Welcome to Kabalen!

Kabalen is a newly opened restaurant and catering services in Winnipeg, Manitoba that primarily serves traditional Filipino dishes popular in the province of Pampanga in Central Luzon, Philippines.

The restaurant located at the corner of Inkster Blvd. and Sheppard St. (Unit 4-1485 Inkster Blvd.), officially opened to the public last April 30th. Their sisig, kaldereta, and all-day silogs were instant favourites.

The restaurant and catering business is named after the kapampangan word Kabalen that means countryman or someone from the same town. Kabalen is an instantly noticeable name that will let people know that the dishes are cooked by a culinary team who hails from Pampanga. The province prides itself as being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines as they offer some of the best Filipino dishes.

But even if most of Kabalen’s offerings are from kapampangan cuisine, it caters to everyone regardless of which area in the Philippines they are from. The varied dishes easily win over customers’ taste buds.

Kabalen is the brainchild of Arlene Asban, who was born and raised in Guagua, Pampanga. Passionate about cooking since her childhood, she thought that since she was already cooking for friends and family, “Why not turn her passion into a business opportunity?” So armed with determination and 20 years of cooking experience. Arlene and her husband Albert, decided to put up Kabalen with the help of close friends.

The Asbans, together with their partners, the Tumbokons and Lapuz, are very excited about this venture and cannot wait to serve everyone. For all your everyday ulams (dishes), party tray orders, all-day silogs, lauriats and many more, come to Kabalen! You’re always welcome here.

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Kabalen Restaurant & Catering Services owners. From l-r: Nats and Andrea Lapuz; Arlene, Emman and Albert Asban; Elaine and Jeff Tumbokon
4 photo reyes casares
Sauler, Lapuz, Tumbokon family and Rey-Ar Reyes of Pilipino Express
With Jon Reyes, Minister of Labour and Immigration
With Atty. JB Casares
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Elaine, Issi Bartolome and Ley Navarro