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An evening with Ate Anna

March 6, 2009

Ate Anna01
Ate Anna 02
Immigrant parents and the youth engage SERC moderators Anna Ling and Linda Plenert in a lively discussion
about ways to develop and encourage good relationships between parents and their children in Canada
Ate Anna 03
Ate Anna 04
Ate Anna 05
              Winnipeg School Division Community Liaison Officer Perla Javate (top) introduces 
              SERC’s Anna Ling (centre) and Linda Plenert (bottom) to  the guests at Juvian’s Restaurant
Ate Anna 07
                       The event organizers, SERC’s Anna Ling, WSD’s Perla Javate,  PE’s 
                               Editor-in-Chief Emmie Joaquin and SERC’s Linda Plenert
Ate Anna 06
                     SERC and Pilipino Express thank the members of Aksyon Ng Ating Kabataan
                     (ANAK) who shared their views with the other guests