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Noralyn “Mama Nors” Pua

Cooking with love and passion

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Noralyn “Mama Nors” Pua in her kitchen at 642 Leila Avenue in Winnipeg (Mask lowered for photo.)

by Lucille Nolasco Garrido

We have all done it – we buy cooked food or ulam because we are pressed for time or we treat ourselves to good food cooked outside of our homes.

For Winnipeggers living in the Garden City area, you can depend on Mama Nors Kitchen to provide a variety of tasty food, any day.

Noralyn Pua, or “Mama Nors” from Cavite, serves as the main chef of this small enterprise along Leila Avenue. Helping her with the day-to-day running of the business is her husband, David, and children, Vanessa, Valerie, and Vincent.

Pilipino Express talked to Mama Nors, who told us about the challenges and rewards of running their family business.