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Westland Foundation’s $100K for scholarships

    Westland Foundation
Westland Foundation’s Adam Smoluk, John Prystanski, Marilyn Camaclang & Jessie Reyes with Mayor Brian Bowman 

WINNIPEG – The Westland Foundation will award $100,000 to over 160 inner-Winnipeg students in the 2018-2019 school year. Mayor Brian Bowman made the announcement with the organization’s founder and president, John Prystanski, in a video posted on YouTube on October 10, 2018.

Mayor Bowman said in his message to students, “your education is so very important, and when you take the opportunity to further it, it will literally change your life.”

Jessie Reyes, a Westland scholar and Red River College digital media design student who produced the video, said, “I’m grateful for this opportunity to expand my skills and to give back to our community.”

John Prystanski said, “Winnipeg is cheering for inner-Winnipeg students’ success. Westland Foundation is dedicated to providing inner-Winnipeg students with post-secondary scholarships.”

Created in 1993, the Westland Foundation is a volunteer-based and non-profit organization dedicated to empowering inner-Winnipeg youth through post-secondary education.

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