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  Terence Galope - Bantamweight 1st place Kim Ho - Bikini Short 2nd place Sam Dalupang - Welterweight  2nd place

On Saturday March 21st, the Winnipeg community and I were treated to the 2011 Manitoba Amateur Body Building Association (MABBA) Novice championships. For those of you who don’t know, it is an annual competition for athletes who want to compete in bodybuilding, fitness, figure and bikini. Contestants who finish in the top five advance to the provincials later on in the year. For the hundreds of athletes competing, it was exciting to know that our Filipino community was well represented. Let me introduce to you Kim, Sam and Terence.

I bumped into Kim almost immediately as she was racing up towards the front foyer where all the supplement sponsors and fitness trainers held booths to market their products.

As I sat down with Kim, her exuberance and energy was evident as she was entering the bikini competition for the first time. The bikini model shared her story as she hoping to become an inspiration to many who have overcome being overweight. For her size, she felt at 170 pounds, she needed to change her lifestyle and modeling was her calling. She got a glimpse of the competition one year and she hasn’t looked back.

As our conversation continued, a well-tanned man approached us and joined in the conversation. It was Sam Dalupang, Kim’s boyfriend and a personal trainer. Kim finished second in the Bikini Short Division and Sam finished second in the welterweight division, giving them spots in the provincials.

Relaxed, composed and chiseled, I look over to the men’s dressing room to find Terence Galope. Getting set for his final routine in the bantamweight division, he shares his story as a person who always wanted to improve his physique. He began in 1999 and recently became serious about competing and called it his second job. Terence says, “Watching a friend compete in both novice and provincials, I thought I could do it too. Then training became part of my routine like sleeping.” Terence trains for 2 hours a day and 6 days a week. After wowing the crowd and his supporters in his final routine with music from Wutang, Terence’s double biceps, side chest, rear and front lateral spread and most muscular poses earned him a spot to the provincials as he finished first in his division. Terence thanks everybody at Keebo Sports Supplements for all their knowledge in helping him prepare for the competition.

As a novice myself to the sport, this was an opportunity to learn about the world of fitness and bodybuilding and what goes on behind the scenes. As Lori from Sun Kissed Mobile Spray tanning texted to me, “Colour on stage is very important to how contestants place.”

Judged primarily by their visual appearance on stage, we can’t count out the dedication and perseverance these athletes go through each day to gain that look. We congratulate our fellow competitors and wish them luck in the provincials.

(Photos courtesy of Manitoba Muscle)

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