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Are you thinking what we are thinking?

Grade 8 students interview basketball stars

Ever wonder what it would be like to think like a multi-million dollar athlete? With all the media publicity, fame and notoriety they receive and the elaborate lifestyles they live, wouldn’t it be great to get into the minds of an athlete even for just a second? Well, when the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Detroit Pistons played an exhibition game on October 24th at the MTS Centre, I had the privilege of asking them questions – with a twist of course.

In an attempt to enter the minds of NBA players, Grade 8 students from Arthur E. Wright School and the Seven Oaks School Division formulated questions for players and coaches. The following are just glimpses into the minds of players and coaches.

Raynalie: I am writing a song about someone special, could you recommend a title for me?

Will Conroy (G): Soulja Boy, Kiss me through the phone!

Kelsey: Who was your idol as a kid?

Budinger (F): My favourite idols growing up were my parents.

Harpreet: What is your favourite video game?

Alexey Shved (G): 2K13

Herbie: Do you like hats?

J.J. Barea (PG): Yeah love hats, I don’t have to fix my hair with gel! (laughs)

Tom:  Are you scared of anything? Will you be OK?

Hall of Fame Coach Jack Sikma: There are always going to be setbacks to overcome. With help and courage, I was able to get through it. Goodluck, Tom!

Emma:Have you ever farted in the middle of a game and walked away from it?

(Name withheld): Yes, a lot of games and practices, lol.

Sarbjit: What is your favourite hobby?

Nikola Pekovic (C): Fishing and catching trout.

Ref, listen to me; Chase, Peko and I did not use gel on our hair today!
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