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Bayanihan Gawad Parangal 2023 in Saskatoon

Bayanihan Gawad

The Bayanihan Gawad Parangal was held on July 22, 2023, at the TCU Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The celebration, which recognizes Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians who are at the forefront of genuine service and exemplary achievement throughout their lifetime, is presented by Bayanihan Community Services Canada Inc., and PRIMECom Corporation.

Twenty-one Filipinos and Filipino-Canadians were awarded from all-over Canada and a few from outside of Canada. Three from Winnipeg were honoured.

Lee Angela Igne –Achievement in Sports

Lee Angela is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Modern Sikaran and Arnis Lapunti Style. She is also a martial arts instructor at the Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy. Lee Angela started training in the Filipino Martial Arts when she was only three years old. She has competed in many local, regional, provincial, national, and international martial arts tournaments. Her most recent achievement as a young martial arts athlete was bringing home five gold medals for Manitoba and securing her spot as a member of Team Canada, at The Canadian National Martial Arts Team Try-outs in Ottawa, in May 2022.

Also in 2022, Lee Angela competed at the World Karate Championships in Killarney, Ireland, where she won two gold medals and one bronze. She was the first to showcase the Filipino Arnis form on the world’s stage! She was recognized as one of the strongest assets of Team Canada.

Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy – Filipino National Sport Advocacy

This Filipino Martial Arts school was established by Redentor Igne and Kelly Legaspi on January 4, 2004. They promote and share their skills in the Filipino martial arts styles of Sikaran and Arnis.

They started with only six students and two of them were their own children. Through the years, WSAA has developed well-rounded and highly skilled martial arts athletes and champions. It is also active in many community programs, events, and celebrations. WSAA was the first Filipino Martial Arts School and Association from Manitoba invited to participate at the Calgary Stampede Parade. They brought the First Kalesa to Canada at the 2014 Manitoba Filipino Street Festival.

Most recently, WSAA ranked the third Best Martial Arts School based on medal count at the US Diamond Nationals and World Karate Championships in October 2022 in Minneapolis. They also ranked as the Best Martial Arts Academy at the Vilcu’s Martial Arts Tournament in March 2023 in Weyburn, SK.

WSAA was the first Filipino Martial Arts School to have members on Team Canada in 2018 and 2022.

The Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy was also designated as the Official Provincial Martial Arts Team, Team Manitoba, in May 2022. All their athletes came home as National Champions and secured their spots with the Canadian National Martial Arts Team as members of Team Canada who represented the country at the World Karate Championships in Killarney, Ireland.

Kelly Legaspi, 5th degree black belt, co-owner, instructor and administrator of the Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy accepted the Award on behalf of chief instructor Redentor Igne, 7th Degree Black belt and on behalf of all the members and families of the WSAA. In her impromptu speech, she said, “Even though we are far from our homeland, the Philippines, may the Filipino spirit continue to inspire others here in Canada. As one of the coaches and instructors of WSAA, this award will be our inspiration to continue to promote the Filipino Sport here in Canada and to continue to train and develop world class athletes who will bring pride and honour to our Filipino community and our countries, the Philippines and Canada. This is our way of giving back to the country that we now call home. Mabuhay ang lahing Pilipino sa Canada! Congratulations to all!

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