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Emmie Joaquin, Editor-in-Chief

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By Emmie Z. Joaquin, Editor-in-Chief

It’s the middle of November and for most of us here in Winnipeg – the mandatory winter coat, winter boots, mittens and toques (or beanies) are back. Yes, for you who are not with us here in Canada, we now have snow on the ground. How are you?

In this issue of Pilipino Express, our cover story is about the multi-awarded investigative reporter Jeff Canoy, the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Marshall McLuhan Fellowship. Established in 1997, the prestigious Marshall McLuhan Fellowship is awarded yearly to a recipient “embodying outstanding qualities in the field of investigative journalism.” I had the opportunity to meet this young ABS-CBN broadcast journalist during his one-day stop in Winnipeg on November 7.

Recently, we launched Pinoy Pop Star Season 4 in cooperation with the McPhillips Station Casino. The new schedules are: Semi-finals will be on January 4 and 5, 2019; and the Grand Final will be on March 2, 2019. Like us, I am sure you will be amazed by the vocal gifts of our Filipino-Canadian talents. I invite you to join us celebrate and appreciate them on those dates.

Also, please check out the latest contributions of our columnists.

Friends, wherever you may be, I hope you enjoy reading our November 16 edition of the Pilipino Express.

Thank you for visiting our website and spending time with us.

– Emmie 

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