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The writing of our ancestors

MADISON, WI Pilipino Express associate editor and columnist, Paul Morrow, shared his knowledge of the ancient Filipino writing system known as baybayin with approximately 25 students and members of the public at the University of Wisconsin in Madison on Saturday, April 2. The two-hour public lecture entitled The Writing of Our Ancestors was presented at the request of the Filipino American Students Organization (FASO) as part of their annual weekend festival dubbed Rated P!

The presentation included information about the possible origins of baybayin writing, its history and the current pop culture revival of interest in the script. Artifacts of modern Mangyan writing, a descendant of the baybayin still used in Mindoro, and other items were also displayed. Guests particularly enjoyed the lesson portion of the afternoon where they learned to read and write the ancient script of their ancestors.

Members of the Filipino American Students Organization (FASO) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a few of the guests with Paul Morrow FASO co-president Lara Capampangan with Paul Morrow
Paul Morrow explains the basics of the pre-colonial Philippine script called baybayin  A Mangyan inscription from the 1970s. Mangyan writing is a descendant of the pre-colonial baybayin