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    A pamaypay just isn't good enough

What a blur! I am still dizzy from our summer. First, I am so thankful for air conditioning. I am also thankful for the plentiful variety of lakes and swimming holes in Manitoba. We should all be so lucky. In a recent family trip to Alberta, I asked where the nearest beach was to Calgary and with minor embarrassment in his voice, my cousin said it was one and a half hours away. The beach, Sylvan Lake, happens to be the same distance from Edmonton, so you can imagine just how busy it can get on a hot day – providing a place to swim for the thousands of Calgary and Edmonton city dwellers, not to mention all the little towns in between. We have Grand Beach, Winnipeg Beach, Birds Hill Park, Falcon Beach and West Hawk Lake, to name a few. And who can forget the ever-popular Rushing River. Who hasn’t been camping at Rushing River? When I go, it is the same as if I am walking into the Superstore on McPhillips or celebrating a debut. You know everyone there.