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A Bit of Burgos by Dale Burgos

Pomp and circumstance

by Dale Burgos

      Burgos Grads
The Burgos graduates, Rece and Gavin

Can you believe it is July already? I can’t! It seems the older I get, the quicker time flies. I’m celebrated my 46th birthday in June. I’m now closer to 50 than to 40! This means I am one more year closer to retirement and, most important, getting my senior’s discount at the Royal Fork Buffet.

Another side effect of getting older? I reminisce a lot. I think about my mom, mother-in-law, kids, grandkid, siblings, nieces, and nephew, and how far away they are. Thanks to COVID for making us all feel detached from family and friends! The good news? The number of COVID cases is dropping and the number of vaccinations is rising. We’ll be reunited soon enough.

At the time of writing this, B.C. is expecting to lift its travel restrictions and allow travel across Canada around July 1. Sounds great, but do we have to be fully vaccinated first? Do the people we want to visit have to be fully vaccinated as well?

I’m on track to receive my second dose of Pfizer sometime in July. I’ll cross my fingers for the chance to pack up the Burgos Mobile and head east. If we are lucky enough to be allowed to travel, I’m thinking we’ll pack the travel trailer and stop at camp sites along the way, perhaps even get a visit in with family in Calgary. If we can’t, we’ve got campsites booked all across Vancouver Island. Still not a bad way to spend the summer.

It has been a challenging year for us all. I need only to look at my kids to see just how difficult it has been and how the pandemic has affected them more than they know. Bella struggled with being stuck in a small cohort. Not being able to see friends was tough on her. Plus, three-hour gym classes, every day? What a trooper.

As for Rece and Gavin, they walked the stage together at their high school graduation last month! Izzy and I could not be prouder of these two. Rece received all his credits back in November while Gavin completed all his electives online to be able to graduate a whole year early. It’s an exciting time in their lives, yet I still feel like they missed out on the pomp and circumstance of a normal graduation ceremony. There wasn’t a large crowd of proud families stuffed inside a venue, the grads did not get the opportunity to sit together and watch each other receive their diploma and I didn’t get the chance to yell extremely loud when their name was called. I was really hoping to hoot and holler while blowing into my trumpet. Sadly, I won’t get the chance to embarrass them. Instead, we have to settle for one grad and family in a room at a time. It will be quiet and short, but it doesn’t diminish their hard work, especially during a global pandemic.

So, what is next for these two? Looks like Rece wants to head to university in Vancouver in either business or fabrication, and Gavin is thinking a course in information technology and systems application. This after they enjoy a gap year to work and save up some cash for school.

As the world starts opening up, I hope you get the chance to visit with loved ones. It’s going to be weird shaking hands and hugging. Hopefully, soon enough, it will feel normal once again.

Dale manages the communications department for a school district in B.C.

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