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Intimate gifts for the holidays

Ate Anna:

This holiday season is special to my husband and me, as it is also our 25th anniversary! Our youngest child has moved to go to university, so the house is quieter and we have a lot more privacy.

This feels like a good time for a fresh start, and I would like to get my husband a gift this holiday season to spark our relationship. Do you have any recommendations? How do I give it to him without being shy?

A Reader

Dear reader:

Happy holidays! In many families, it is traditional to give gifts to loved ones during this holiday season. It is wonderful that you are excited about having more time and privacy to enjoy your relationship with your husband.

One option to spark up your relationship is to give your husband a romantic gift. You can take him out for dinner, or even a trip to the spa together. Some one-on-one time with just the two of you may be just the thing you need.

One cute thing some people do is give their partner handmade relationship coupons. You can make these yourself, and can write whatever you want in them. Maybe you can give him a coupon for a back massage, a nice intimate activity you can do together to become closer. You could also write him a coupon for a date out, or for a bath together, or for anything you would like to do!

Some couples like to purchase supplies for each other to spark up their physical relationship. Many like buying lingerie – nice looking underwear – for themselves and their partners. There are other supplies you can buy which you can use together during intimate times. For example, flavoured lubricants can add another nice dimension to intimate times. Some couples also like to use vibrators or other toys together. If you are embarrassed to purchase these in a store, there are many online businesses across Canada that can ship in plain packaging.

Birth control supplies like condoms are important to use if you do not want to get pregnant! Condoms can be purchased at a pharmacy, or online. Other birth control options are also available from your health care practitioner.

Sometimes we can feel shy when talking about sex with our partners, or when giving them intimate gifts like these. My advice would be, although you may feel shy or nervous, to take the risk and do it! It is possible he wants to talk about and explore these things also, and also feels shy. Sex and bodies are normal things, and the more we talk about them together the easier it gets.

Happy holidays! I hope you and your husband are able to take this time to get closer together.

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