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     Don't regret your digital tattoo

Facebook is one of the largest online social networks out there. Since its launch in February 2004, the site obtained 8 million users in the United States alone, expanding to 7 other English-speaking countries. Other social networking sites have become very popular as well, such as Twitter, Friendster and MySpace.

In my recent readings, I came across an incident that took place in Switzerland. An insurance worker lost her job after surfing Facebook while off sick. The employee basically called in sick and advised her employer that she’s incapable of working in front of a computer, and that she needed to lie in the dark. Despite of her health condition that day, she was seen active on Facebook. The employee disclosed to the media that she had been surfing Facebook in bed on her iPhone. Apparently, she received a mysterious friend request that she accepted which then allowed access to her personal online activity. She accused her employer and colleagues of spying on her, but the employer rejected her claims and explained that it was the abuse of trust that caused the woman to be dismissed from her own employment.

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