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Giving is in your blood

Filipino-Canadian donors needed

CBS dec 1 2023There are now almost a million Filipino Canadians living across the country. Winnipeg is home to the third largest number of Filipinos. As Filipino Canadians, we follow in the footsteps of many heroes who sacrificed for others and saved lives. Giving is one of the ways we celebrate our culture and heritage.

Whenever we are needed, we show up and give. As part of Filipino culture, we have the term bayanihan, which derives from the word bayan, meaning a town, nation, or community. The term bayanihan refers to a spirit of unity and cooperation within the community.

It is important to us that no one is left behind in our community. It is our goal to make sure that everyone receives the medical care they need. Life can change in seconds, and you or someone you love may need blood urgently. Blood is a critical part of everyday medical care. There is no substitute for donated blood.

Be part of Canada’s Lifeline

Making all the difference is in our blood. Not only does 204 Neighbourhood Watch make communities safer, but it also contributes to Canada’s Lifeline. Weekly patrols are conducted by the volunteer group to ensure the safety of communities. Through the Partner’s for Life program, they also encourage communities to donate blood.

Leila Castro and her group advocate among the Filipino Community for blood donations, knowing that the blood registry needs diverse donors. Approximately 30 appointments were filled at their November blood drive.

Leila, the organization’s leader, emphasized that “engaging communities will help us create a paradigm shift in the Filipino and immigrant communities about the culture of habitual blood donation.”

On December 15, the group will join Sean Dilworth, host of the radio program The Mark and Dilly show. This will be a recruitment and swabbing event at the Garden City Shopping Centre between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Get swabbed

It was Sean’s hope to be a match for his cousin who needed a stem cell transplant recipient. Sean was not a match for his cousin but was a match for another and donated his stem cells. Sean is also a staunch advocate for both blood and stem cell donation.

Over 80 diseases and disorders can be treated with a stem cell transplant – including leukemia, lymphoma, and other blood cancers. A stem cell transplant replaces the patient’s unhealthy stem cells with a matching donor’s healthy stem cells.

That’s why now, more than ever, we encourage individuals between 17 and 35 years of age from a diverse range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. We encourage you to give hope to patients waiting for their match by registering online. You could be someone’s best hope. 

We need you this holiday season

There is no greater gift than life. Patients across the country need your help. Give them a chance to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. Giving blood also gives hope and joy to those who need it.

Holidays pose a challenge in filling appointments. In addition to the busy celebrations, sometimes the weather can be a challenge. There is still a need for blood and blood products across Canada during the holidays. We encourage you to book your appointment between December 22 and January 4.

Kailangan ka ng iyong komunidad! Mag-donate ng dugo! Mag-book ng appointment sa o mag-download ng GiveBlood App. Puwede ring tumawag sa 1-888-2-DONATE.