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Building credit from the ground up: A program for newcomers to Canada

Credit Canada launches free, accessible online resource

in eight languages to help newcomers navigate the Canadian financial landscape


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Himank Bhatia is a certified credit counsellor and spokesperson for Credit Canada. “The newcomer population in Canada is significant, with each person facing their own unique circumstances. When I arrived in Canada six years ago, I was lucky to find the support and advice of individuals who understood the unique challenges newcomers face. I am inspired to pay it forward by aiding others on a similar journey and reminding newcomers that they, too, possess the power to flourish and succeed in Canada.”
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Toronto – On November 1st, Credit Canada launched a free, multi-lingual online learning program about credit, developed specifically for newcomers to Canada, as part of their Financial Literacy Month campaign.

Canada has a rich history of welcoming newcomers from around the world, providing high-quality opportunities for prosperity and stability. However, Canada’s newcomer population is extremely diverse, with each person facing their own unique challenges.

Finding employment and a home to rent are just some of the first obstacles newcomers must overcome while adjusting to a different culture, building a new community, and perhaps learning a new language.

While there are many resources to support newcomers when they arrive, Credit Canada identified a gap in helping newcomers build their new life – education about credit that reflects a newcomer’s experience, presented in their preferred language. This new program will help fill that gap.

The details

  • Program: Building Credit from the Ground Up: A Program for Newcomers to Canada
  • Languages: English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Tagalog
  • Format: E-learning on any device.


  • Essentials of credit in Canada
  • How to build your credit history in Canada
  • How to improve your credit score
  • What to do if you run into problems with credit

The cost is free, thanks to the support of our sponsors, including Indeed Canada, easyfinancial, and the Canadian Banker’s Association


Bruce Sellery, the CEO of Credit Canada, has been working with other non-profits, government agencies and private sector organizations to identify the key issues newcomers face in the Canadian financial landscape.

“As a non-profit credit counselling agency, we speak to Canadians every day who are looking for solutions to manage their credit and pay down their debt. When you layer in the complex and persistent challenges newcomers face when accessing credit, such as language barriers and limited credit history, it can become much more difficult to establish that financial foundation,” says Sellery. “There aren’t many resources customized for them specifically, both in terms of content and language, which is why we wanted to create something easily accessible and available in several languages.”

Credit Canada has partnered with several online influencers and community organizations to help connect with various newcomer communities. The response has been positive, with many organizations jumping on board, including Achēv, a leading charitable organization that delivers employment, newcomer, language, youth, women, and inclusion services in the Greater Toronto Area.

The program is sponsored by Indeed Canada, easyfinancial, and the Canadian Banker’s Association.

To access Credit Canada’s e-learning modules and learn about their Financial Literacy Month events, webinars, and credit-related resources for newcomers, visit

For more information about Credit Canada’s mission to help all Canadians get out of debt and get back into life, visit

About Credit Canada

Credit Canada is Canada’s first and longest-standing credit counselling agency. For more than 50 years, Credit Canada has been helping Canadians get out of debt and back into life through financial education and debt resolution. As a national, non-profit organization, Credit Canada has helped thousands become debt-free and achieve financial wellness.