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Let’s get to know mayoral candidate, Kevin Klein

With CKJS Good Morning Philippines’ hosts
Donna Arenas and Chester Pangan
Photo taken at the Philippine Independence Ball in the mid-2000s. Kevin Klein was General Manager (2005-2007) of Newcap Radio Network that previously owned CKJS-AM, 106 FM, and 105.5 FM. Kevin (seated left) with the Filipino team of CKJS radio circa 2005. Seated with Kevin: Danny and Nadya Garces. Standing l-r: PAM’s Jing Asperin, MLA Cris Aglugub, Lito Taruc (D), Joyce Catenza, Lucille Nolasco Garrido, Joji and Donna Arenas, MLA Hugh McFadyen, Joe Sulit (D), Alma Sulit, and guest.

Winnipeg’s current leader, mayor Brian Bowman, has decided not to run again after serving two terms.

For this year’s upcoming civic elections, 11 mayoral hopefuls have been hitting the campaign trail with various propositions and promises to persuade voters.

One of them is former councillor Kevin Klein.

Pilipino Express (PE) recently asked mayoral candidate, Kevin Klein, about his vision for Winnipeg and its citizens.

PE: You have been serving as a City Councillor (Charleswood-Tuxedo-Westwood) for the past 4 years, what made you decide to run for mayor this time?

Kevin: I have loved this city from the very beginning. That is why I ran for City Council four years ago. During my time in office, I have learned so much; and everything I have learned makes me more determined to do all in my power to move Winnipeg forward in a better way.

Fundamental to a vibrant, livable city are all the things that I have tackled in my policy announcements and more. Let me bring them to life for you. We have some critical priorities: dealing with homelessness, creating a safe, crime-free environment, providing safe transportation whether on foot, by bicycle, on public transport, in taxis, by ambulance, or in our own automobiles travelling smooth street with no potholes, and ensuring that you have clean water, reliable waste disposal, fire protection and a fair, sensible, and helpful regulatory system for builders and home renovation alike. We need good development investment as well as good housing, including infill housing.

PE: One of the key issues that you have mentioned during your campaign is about environmental issues. Can you walk us through your plans?

Kevin: First, we have to fix the fundamentals in operations, and I will do that. I know how to do that. That work was part of my career in business. At the same time, I believe we can begin to restore the physical beauty of the city. Citizens deserve to be proud of all our tree-lined streets, including our heritage downtown neighbourhood and beyond to the new suburbs and forgotten parks and green areas.

Just as fundamental is a city that nurtures a green environment, looks after its trees, cleans its streets, has shady places for visitors and residents to stop and watch the passing parade downtown – a city where downtown is a happy, friendly place that offers an exciting destination for shopping and going to dinner and attending a concert or a play. I pledge to add a thousand more acres of green space to enhance

We have some of this, but only in pockets: The Exchange, The Forks, the arts district, Osborne Village, the Corydon Avenue restaurants, old St. Boniface. We need to link them together with green corridors and safe, walkable spaces.

I know that there is a movement that believes that all cities should concentrate on high density development downtown and it is true that many people like that environment, but there are also many others from more rural areas and with small children who like the freedom of the suburbs. We cannot forget what needs to happen to make their neighbourhood easy to access with reliable transit and well-maintained community amenities.

PE: What about your view regarding culture and immigration?

Kevin: I believe in you, our citizens, who have all donated parts of your heritage, courage and energy to giving us the special flavours of pluralism that makes Winnipeg unique. As a Métis man, I have a foot in two camps, and I find it very comfortable. I am part of the traditional world but also part of the tomorrow world and I believe we can make a stronger and better world based on those roots and on our understanding and acceptance of one another. All our blending and mixing and special ways makes us a better stronger community.

PE: Is there anything else that you would like to impart to our readers?

Kevin: My goal is to create a Winnipeg that will once again, be one of the most beautiful and desirable cities in which to live and invest in this country. Working collaboratively with our councillors, with the province, with our own civic public service and all of you, this is do-able.

Please vote for me and let our team get to work for you.

PE: Thank you.

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Winnipeg residents head to the polls on October 26 to vote for a new mayor, school trustees and councillors.

Advance voting is also available at all Community Advance Voting Locations from October 18-20, 2022. For details and more information, visit:

– Photos from Kevin Klein FB page