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The Manitoba NDP will make life better for our communities

  Raddison Office
NDP Leader Wab Kinew with NDP Candidate in Radisson, Jelynn Dela Cruz (left) and community members.

How do you do, I’m Wab Kinew. I’m running to be Premier and on October 3rd. I’m asking for your support to fix health care and make life more affordable.

Filipino Manitobans work hard and deserve a good life here in Manitoba. But for seven years, Heather Stefanson and the PCs have been making life harder for communities like yours.

In health care, they’ve made cuts that hurt patients and caused chaos for front line workers. Perhaps the single worst decision Heather Stefanson and Brian Pallister made was to close three emergency rooms in Winnipeg – at Seven Oaks Hospital, Concordia Hospital, and Victoria Hospital. Manitoba’s ER wait times are some of the highest in Canada. At Health Sciences Centre, one in three patients leave the ER without ever being seen by a doctor. And in the pandemic, Manitoba suffered some of the worst outcomes in North America because of the Stefanson PC’s decision to close ER and cut ICU beds.

The Manitoba NDP believes every person should get quality emergency care when they need it. That’s why we announced a plan to build three new emergency rooms to replace the ones closed by the PCs. We will build a new emergency room at Victoria Hospital, Seven Oaks Hospital and Concordia Hospital so that no matter where your family lives in Winnipeg, you will be close to an emergency room.

But we can’t reopen these emergency rooms without first fixing the staffing crisis that was created by Heather Stefanson and her government. It starts with showing front line health care worker’s respect. Then we will invest $500 million to recruit, train, and keep staff in our health care system. That means more nurses, health care aides, maintenance staff, support staff, and administrative staff. Plus, we’ll end mandatory overtime, improve work-life balance, reimburse homecare workers’ mileage, and pay better wages for staff at long-term care homes.

It’s time to take care of those who take care of us. It’s time to make working in public health care a rewarding career and a good job to support your family with once again.

The Manitoba NDP knows that new Canadians are a core part of our workforce, and we will always support them. We will make sure international workers can work in Manitoba by investing in settlement services to help newcomers find work in the careers they were trained in with an emphasis on health care. And we will increase the number of people coming to Canada through the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program (MPNP), with a priority on family reunification.

Whether you moved here this year or have lived here for generations, Manitoba is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. But under Heather Stefanson, violent crime is getting worse, and she isn’t doing anything about it.

The Manitoba NDP is committed to being tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime. We will crack down on violent offenders and drug traffickers. And to help you feel safe in your home, we will give you a $300 rebate for home security systems.

On top of all this, life is getting more expensive. Right now, it seems like the cost of everything is going up. And you deserve a break. A Manitoba NDP government will help you out. We will freeze your hydro rates and cut the 14 cents/L gas tax to save you money every month.

This October, you have a choice. The PCs have made health care worse, communities less safe, and life more expensive in Manitoba, and they will only continue if they are elected again.

The Manitoba NDP has a better plan: fixing health care, safer communities, and a more affordable life. But we can’t do it without you. On October 3, vote NDP so we can make life better, together.