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Write On! by Lucille Nolasco

A COVID reflection

by Lucille Nolasco

Chef. Baker. Fitness enthusiast. Sports person. Seamstress. Entrepreneur. Teacher.

The coronavirus pandemic ushered in not just a “new normal” for everyone, but also a “new me” for many.

Despite the overwhelming negative effects of the disease, it also prompted us to think and act on the many challenges and difficulties it brought to our lives.

COVID-19 demanded we get out of our comfort zones into a world of endless possibilities.

We are discovering we have a knack for doing things we didn’t think we could do. Talents that we never thought existed, that we are now proud to share with others.

Skimming through social media, we see people making and cooking their own food instead of ordering take-out or buying from the store. Flour and yeast have been in short supply lately because almost everyone can make their own bread now. Others get in touch with friends and relatives to share delicious recipes.

Some people are making their own facemasks as added protection against the coronavirus. Others are going a step further by making it a part of their fashion statement.

Parents who only needed to provide for their families now need to be teachers to their own children. Most often, they learn with the little ones, because it’s been a long time since they took up geometry or algebra, or how to make a story summary.

Some who used to be shy, now dance or sing and post videos of themselves. Tiktok, anyone?

Sidewalks and parks get busy with joggers, walkers and people who have more time now to exercise.

Endless possibilities.

Point is, no matter what life throws at us, people have the ability to adapt and turn a bad situation into something good and worthwhile.

Until then, keep safe – practice safe distancing from others, wash hands and sanitize often, and keep a positive attitude. Cooperate and be responsible.

We will get through this, together.

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