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Write On! by Lucille NolascoCraZy good Zumba party with Kass Martin

by Lucille Nolasco

Photos by Maui Zamora/MP Studium

Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) and international presenter Kass Martin was in Winnipeg on Saturday, October 20th, for her highly anticipated Zumba master class.

The gymnasium of the Canadian Mennonite University was packed with Zumba instructors, students and fans alike, who eagerly awaited the arrival of the charismatic celebrity.

Known as “the Face of Zumba,” Kass spreads the love for this fun, dance-fitness program all over the world through personal training, master classes, TV appearances, and through maintaining her own personal Zumba classes in Utah.

As her first time in Winnipeg, Kass said she was so happy to be here, and very thankful for the warm and enthusiastic welcome she received from each and everyone.

Even before the first beat thudded from the speakers, excitement was palpable among the participants, as they were chatting and laughing with friends and other attendees. And when Kass began the master class, it was a pure adrenaline-fuelled party from then on! She was indefatigable and everyone loved it. And because people asked for more, Kass added four more songs to her set.

After the master class, Kass spoke to the audience and did what she does best – she was her genuine self, sharing valuable lessons in life derived from her own experiences. This never fails to inspire others to be a better version of themselves. Her struggles and hard work made her one of the most popular faces in the Zumba world.

“If there’s anything I can leave you, a small-town girl from Provo, Utah who didn’t even have a passport, afraid of failure, which made me not try for anything, because if I didn’t try for anything, I wouldn’t fail at anything… So I just became very stuck. And here I am, in Winnipeg, where people showed so much passion. It just blows my mind. So thank you, for being a part of my dream.”

Before she left, Kass promised to come back, and hopefully with her BFF, ZES Steve Boedt, next time.

“Whether you’re the instructor or the student, we need each other. And what we are doing is an amazing thing! We are a part of something that is spreading joy globally. And to think of my life 10 years ago, it’s just pretty amazing the happiness that has come from this sweaty, little workout. So thank you so much for being here and for making me feel like a million-dollar rock star!”

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