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Experience Folklorama 52

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The Ambassadors General embody Folkloramas mission of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. They represent the organization throughout the year at events and in the media. The 2023 Folklorama Ambassadors General from left: Lovepreet Singh Virdi, 2023 Adult Ambassador General Julia Amato. 2023 Youth Ambassador General Samantha Luczenczyn-Lane, 2023 Adult Ambassador General Jessica Deminco. 2023 Youth Ambassador General

This year, Folklorama 52 will feature 40 pavilions from August 6 to 19 with 20 pavilions in each of two weeks. The various pavilions will showcase their countries and peoples’ unique culture, traditions, and cuisine for everyone to experience and enjoy.

The Pearl of the Orient pavilion opens its door during Folklorama’s first week: August 6 to 12 at R.B. Russell High School, 364 Dufferin. It features the creative and outstanding presentations of the Magdaragat Philippines performers, which have earned many positive reviews from tourists and local guests alike.

This year’s pavilion coordinators are Sheila Pelagio and Sheryl Vasquez. The adult ambassadors are Del Pelagio and Sarahdelle Galera. The youth ambassadors are Nicolas Tamayo and Sudan Parke.

Experience the sights, sounds and rich heritage of the Philippine Islands along with the elegant folk dances of Magdaragat Philippines. Taste the delicious pansit (sautéed noodles), okoy (shrimp fitter), or barbeque pork skewer. Pair your meal with tapioca punch or an imported San Miguel or Red Horse beer. Then stop by the display of Filipino artifacts.

“Folklorama encompasses more than a two-week Festival,” says Teresa Cotroneo, Folklorama’s Executive Director. “It's more than the entertainment and the mouth-watering cuisine. It’s a connection to community, a vehicle to preserve heritage and an essential building block in Manitoba to embrace ethno-cultural diversity and celebrate what makes the fabric of this province so unique – the people. Just like every bead, ribbon, and stitch of embroidery – Folklorama is the tapestry of Manitoba."

Folklorama began in 1970 as a one-time celebration of Manitoba’s centennial but has since grown to be the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world. Developing out of the success of the Festival, the organization offers year-round programs: Folklorama at Home, Folklorama at Work, Folklorama at School, and Folklorama at Play. All the programs bring to life Folklorama’s mission of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. To find out more, visit