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Back to school

Parents share their game plan for kids 

AIRA ANDREWParents and caregivers are once again busy buying school supplies and prepping their kids to go back to school after the September long weekend.

Various news reports have suggested that some parents are limiting their budgets for school supplies and other back-to-school items this year amid increasing prices. Others plan to recycle and reuse school supplies that kids can still use.

Besides the matter of school supplies, there’s also the continuing challenge of COVID-19 and other health concerns.

Weaning kids from the lure of phones, games, and other gadgets that have been their constant companions during summer break is another facet of the season. There’s also the issue of mental health and bullying.

We asked some Winnipeg parents about their back-to-school preparations to help their children transition smoothly from the easy days of summer to school mode.

“We have prepared my son’s school supplies based on the school list, wherein a mask is optional. My younger son says he is not yet excited to go back to class at this time. But he knows he will soon go back to the routine, particularly with sleeping early and no gadgets during school days.” – Ching, mother of two.

“I always make it a point to send my children to school with healthy lunches and snacks. They’re growing kids so they need nutritious food. Also, getting enough quality sleep at night when there’s school the next day.” – Dale, father of two.

“This year, we bought school supplies early to avoid rushing like the previous years. To prepare, we checked the list and canvassed different stores to see where needed items are less expensive, so we can save money.” – Janet, mother of one.

“One thing we would strive to do this school year is to be more involved with our children’s homework and school projects. Despite our busy schedules, we need to set aside time to do this. Also, to make sure they sleep early and lessen the use of phones and other electronic devices during school days.” – Leo, father of three.

“I always remind my daughter that if she’s having a hard time in school, she can always talk to me. Or if someone in school is making things difficult for her, she should speak up or tell a teacher. It’s important for kids to know that they are not alone and that there’s help out there.” – Tina, mother of two.

–  Lucille Nolasco-Garrido