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Winnipeg experiences One Magical Night

with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Kim Chiu, John Lapus & Marcelito Pomoy

by Judianne Jayme

One Magical Night stars with the Todd Labelle Promotion Team. Photo by AJ Batac

One Magical Night stars with the Todd Labelle Promotion Team. Photo by AJ Batac

The hardworking team behind Todd Labelle Promotions (TLP) has done it once again! This is the third concert put on by TLP, following the success of the high-energy concert by Filipino recording artist and The Voice Philippines judge Bamboo. Winnipeg fans were treated to a mix of laughter, music, dance, and a whole lot of kilig at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre for TLP’s production of One Magical Night on November 2, 2014.

Prior to the concert, there was a contest held for dedicated fans! We all know fans who put in work to create banners for their favourite celebrities. Unfortunately, not all banners can be read from the stage. TLP solved this problem by using the power of social media in a genius move to reward these very fans, seated in general admission and balcony seats. Patrons were encouraged to upload photos of their banners to the TLP Facebook page. The post with the greatest amount of likes and shares were rewarded with VIP passes for the post-show meet-and-greet with the celebrities.

Pre-show energy

Arriving at the venue early, aware of its sold out capacity, I was not surprised that the crowd spilled out of the lobby and outside the doors. People were eager to find their seats, and perhaps catch a glance of the Star Magic talents. The lobby was lined with sponsors’ booths, ready to promote and answer any questions guests had. Winnipeg Team Mayhem girls’ basketball team sold 50/50 tickets in a fundraising effort for their tournament. The group raised $410.00 with the lucky winner taking home $205! A sponsor, Lucky ETC., donated a Tory Burch purse as a prize for a lucky audience member who found the Lucky ETC card under a seat.

The pre-show atmosphere was one of anticipation. Fans were anxious to see their idols in person. To warm us up for our headliners, we were treated to captivating sets by three local singers, April Llave, Ian Chester Abad and Oishly Alcid, whose song selection catered precisely to this audience.

Never a dull moment

Even during intermission, the audience was heard loud and clear. Videographer Manny Diolazo kept the crowd in the theatre cheering as he filmed their energy, in high anticipation of the Star Magic talents about to grace the stage. When the lights dimmed, the deafening shrieks rang through even the depths of the lobby. The fans were in their zone. They were ready as ever to see the stars of One Magical Night.

Do you believe in magic?

The show began with the comedic John “Sweet” Lapus, followed by the distinct and striking vocal talent of Marcelito Pomoy. Pomoy’s televised performances do not do him justice compared to his powerful, live renditions of those same songs. His vocal transitions were seamless. Before long, the tandem of teen celebrity royalty, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, took to the stage, welcomed by the seemingly endless sea of roars and squeals of delighted fans. Covering my ears to protect my hearing, I couldn’t help but smile at the crowd, lit up by their cell phone screens as fans of all ages cheered on the young performers. The show ended with the multitalented, and incredibly charming, Kim Chiu, who treated her Winnipeg audience with her newfound talent of guitar playing.

Even more impressive, during the very organized meet-and-greet for VIP ticket holders and sponsors, it was evident how laid back and down-to-earth each celebrity was in this particular line-up. They were generous and took time to appreciate the fans who lined up in groups for photographs. They truly made the experience an extraordinary one for their fans.

“Magical” is a fitting word to describe the evening as fans were clearly enchanted by these five huge names of Filipino showbiz. Congratulations again to the team behind TLP, the dedicated volunteers, and the media staff for capturing every second of this phenomenal show. Thank you to AJ Batac & Rey-ar Reyes for providing the photographs for this article.

Remember to suggest your favourite artists to Todd Labelle Promotions by liking and commenting on their Facebook page! Whose concert would you watch? Send your suggestions in!

For now, we’ll have to stay tuned for the next big concert announcement. I’m sure the next concert will be yet another magical experience for all.