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Emmie Joaquin, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to Pinays MB Corner

New column debuts in this issue

By Emmie Z. Joaquin, Editor-in-Chief

An organization aimed at empowering and recognizing Filipino women in Manitoba was created in January 2016. The group is called Pinays Manitoba Inc. (Pinays MB) and is headed by Perla Javate who was recently named among the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2016.

Pilipino Express supports the objectives of Pinays MB, and in this issue, we begin a new section called Pinays MB Corner. We will introduce you, our readers, to Filipino women who have contributed to the growth of our community. They are women from all walks of life, of varying ages and with noteworthy feats.

For example, as Perla Javate says, “The five pioneering nurses who were the very first to settle in Manitoba, and the many women garment workers from the Philippines and the Netherlands, who played an important role in the growth of our Philippine community. It is but right to recognize the contributions of Pinays in Manitoba – as mothers to their children, wives to their husbands, Titas, Ates and, to top it all, active contributors to the improvement of our lives here in Manitoba.”

In this debut instalment of Pinays MB Corner, Lucille Nolasco profiles Linda Ramos, the woman behind Gelyn’s Wedding Lounge, Winnipeg’s perennial favourite Filipino bakery in the article, Nanay Linda Ramos: cakes and community.

If you know of any Filipino woman that you would like us to feature in our future issues, please e-mail us at

Emmie Joaquin


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