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    Philippine Heritage Week 2011

“Philippine Heritage Week is now a part of Winnipeg tradition,” said our Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, Minister Flor Marcelino, and it is music to our ears. As a community expanding in number and impacting strongly on all aspects of life in Manitoba, it is important that our culture and traditions are showcased, shared and appreciated not just by our Filipino community but by the mainstream Canadian community as well of which we are very much part of.

We learn from each other continuously everyday. It is true that we all came from the Philippines. It is also true that we all came from different parts of the Philippines, from different regions, speaking different languages, practicing varying traditions, cultural ways and peculiar idiosyncrasies. And so, as we celebrate our Philippine Heritage Week every year here in Winnipeg, the Philippine Heritage Council of Manitoba Inc. (PHCM) will always strive to provide the opportunities to learn and share cultures both from among us Filipinos and from the various ethnic groups that make up our new multicultural home: our city, Winnipeg; our province, Manitoba and our new adopted country, Canada.
Philippine Heritage Week 2011 had nine exciting events catering to the young and the old, the newcomers and the old-timers, the Filipinos and the Filipino-Canadians – there was something for everyone.

Thirty-five organizations were represented in the Coordinating Committee working cooperatively with one another to deliver the various events this year. At the committee’s evaluation meeting, it was the consensus of the group that it was a rewarding experience seeing that the attendance and the level of anticipation and excitement in the community has gone up tremendously. We will be working on suggestions on making things even better next year.

Once again, our community stood as one and united in celebrating    our    Philippine heritage. We took pride in who we are as a people, having come from the Philippines with our own set of values and traditions, rich in culture; a strong spiritual foundation and a strong belief in peace and hope, freedom and independence and love for family. We have enriched our Canada by our coming. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at Canada!

Perla Javate is the President of PHCM

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